Mrinaltai fought for good education, access to health care, rightful place for the oppressed in the socio-economic order, to end forced or willing migration to urban areas, trafficking and various forms of violence. It is ironic that these issues that Mrinaltai crusaded and campaigned for still persist in our society and call for urgent action. Some of these issues have mutated and taken other forms. Thus there is reason to carry forward Mrinaltai’s work and enlarge its scope in a rapidly globalizing world.

Inspired by her vision and work, some of us from various social movements associated with Mrinaltai in most of her activities established the 'Mrinal Gore Interactive Centre for Social Justice and Peace in South Asia.’ The Centre plays an important role in providing a platform, a space, to
  discuss and bring out different perspectives, revive networks, be a pressure centre, hold discussions, bring out publications and above all bring people together (across India and South Asia) to evolve a better understanding of critical issues.

The Centre was successfully launched in December 2014 with a South Asian Conference on “Violence: A Human and Political Predicament” held in collaboration with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). This inaugural conference marked the beginning of a long-term collaboration between TISS and the Centre. The Centre, as planned during the Conference, holds a series of workshops in different regions of India and South Asia on the theme of “South Asian Masculinity.”
Jayant Dharmadhikari

Varsha Rajan Berry

Core Committee
Pushpa Bhave, Jatin Desai, Gajanan Khatu, Amrendra Dhaneshwar, Pramod Nigudkar, Nasreen Contractor, Surekha Dalvi, Yuvraj Mohite, Jyoti Kelkar, Anwar Rajan, Nisha Shiurkar, Vilas Bhongade, Lata Bhise
  Advisory Committee

Indira Jaisingh, Ilabehn Bhatt, Vrinda Grover, Laxmi Lingam, Ruth Manorama, Aruna Roy, Rajdeep Sardesai, Yogendra Yadav, Admiral Ramdas

Sherry Rehman, Asma Jahangir

Khushi Kabir

Sima Samar

  Consultative Committee

Kamla Bhasin, Vibhuti Patel, Manisha Gupte, Nandana Reddy, Chitra Mudgal, Shekhar Naphade, Mazher Hussain, Medha Patkar, Ulka Mahajan, Datta Iswalkar, Kamala Ganesh, Meena Menon

Meghna Guha Thakurta

Karamat Ali

Nimalka Fernando
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